Eating in Boston’s North End


Anybody else think of trying new food as one of the highlights of vacations? We are big foodies so this is something we look forward to.


For me, the foods that come to mind when I think of Boston are pizza, lobster rolls, clam chowder, pastries, and pasta. All of these can be found in Boston’s historic north end.


We hit the North End at the end of our Freedom Trail walking tour . Food is one of the things that can make or break a budget but we definitely didn’t want to miss out on trying some of the things Boston is known for.


Our first food stop was Pauli’s for a lobster roll. Having a lobster roll in Boston was a must for me but they can certainly be expensive. To cut down the cost we split one between my husband and I.


This is a good choice for both your wallet and your waistline if you plan on trying multiple foods at multiple places like we were.




Pizza was also on my must list. There was a big banner hanging across the street advertising Ernesto’s as having the “Boston’s biggest slice” so we gave them a try. Delicious! It was definitely a very big slice as well and wasn’t too bad of a deal, especially for Boston, at 4-6$ a slice.

My sister in law had the great idea of taste testing pastries from two established and rival pastry shops- Mike’s pastry and Modern’s pastry.



Oh my. Best idea ever. I am typically a savory food person more than I am a sweets person but these pastry shops nearly changed that.


Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs here.We each chose one pastry at each shop to take by to my SIL’s place to try out later. This totaled “only” six pastries but we didn’t even finish them by the end of our visit! Each pastry was pretty large and very sweet of course.

I feel like a cannoli being a must try goes without saying but I will say it anyway. Get cannolis! I would go back to Boston just for more cannolis.


My other tips for the North End are to wear comfy shoes, layers depending on the time of year, and avoid the higher end table service restaurants if you are on a budget.


All of these restaurants were super busy when we were there and, according to online reviews, the casual and cheaper restaurants are just as good, if not better.



Even if food isn’t something you plan your trip around, sampling at least one of these foods is a must do for any visit to Boston’s north end!





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