One Thing That Can Cut Your Wedding Budget in Half

You get engaged and you are floating on air. You dream of tons of flowers, magazine worthy photos, and everything else you have ever wanted for your big day.

Then you start researching venues. And caterers. And photographers.
And your wallet runs and hides.

The average cost of a wedding in the United States today is close to $30,000!

That is a down payment on a, large and quite nice,  house! And no where near what many couples can afford.

But I have one easy trick for you that can save you thousands and can be applied to many different areas in a wedding budget.

It is super duper simple too. You ready?

Don’t use wedding stuff.

You may be thinking “How can I  not use wedding stuff for a wedding???”
This is what I mean- For your venue go with a place that is not just made for weddings, look for full length white dresses that aren’t specifically wedding dresses, don’t search wedding caterers or wedding photographers, just search “photographer” or “caterer” etc.
When the word “wedding” is added to something the price jumps immensely.
This method helped my husband and I to slash the cost of our wedding almost in half. We used it for our venue, invitations, bridal party attire, lodging, and decor. Our wedding was beautiful even with a small wedding budget because we looked for options other than what was being presented to us as “for weddings.”
Think outside the box filling in the blanks on your wedding checklist and you can save thousands without sacrificing the picture perfect image of your wedding day you have in your head.
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