How to Work Out While on a Budget

Trying to stay (…or get) healthy and in shape can get expensive.


Between the clothes, equipment, memberships, it can add up quickly. In college I had access to both the school gyms and the local YMCA for free but since then I have had to find ways to work out on my own -in addition to finding the motivation to exercise!  I know there are many ways to work out on the cheap so I have yet to pay for a gym membership.



Here are my resources for working out on a tight budget:


1.The internet!

There are so, so many workout videos and plans on the internet. I use Pinterest to search for specific workout plans and Youtube for videos.

My favorite channels are Popsugar fitness and Yoga with Adriene.


2. Goodwill

I recently found a “Yoga for Weight loss” video that I really enjoy for 1.99 at Goodwill. It has a multi-step system for building up your strength and endurance. A multi-level fitness program for less than 2$? Yes please!

You can also find weights or items as big as treadmills for a fraction of the price.




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3. Discount stores

The bargain store Five below has all sorts of fitness equipment- yoga mats, hand weights, exercise balls, push up bars, Kettle bells, and lots of things I would hurt myself using. Like the weighted jump rope.  Not for me. But seriously, check out their website. All five bucks or less!

Stores like Ross and TJMaxx also typically have a section for fitness related items at a big discount. I bought a pilates pack a few years ago at Tuesday Morning that came with a “pilates circle”, a DVD, and a booklet.


4. Get outside!

One of my favorite simple pleasures is to take a walk on a nice day. There is both a walking path around the bayou near me and a park with a running trail and some exercise bars and benches around it. A walk, run, or bike ride around these is completely free!Check out what paths or trails may be near you. And don’t feel like you have to run. I have read multiple studies saying a brisk walk is just as good, if not even better for you! Thank goodness for that!



5. Borrow

Ask around and see what equipment, videos, or systems your friends and family may have that you could use. If you have something you have been using and have tired of, see if you can trade with someone and you can both shake up your fitness routine.



Do some thinking on the kind of work out you would enjoy. Take some time to see what affordable methods you can find and then take the plunge and start working out. I promise it is not as bad as you think it is 😉


Working out can not only seem daunting because of the physical effort involved (I hear ya) but also because of the high cost many people think it comes with. You do not need to be a gym rat to work on feeling fitter and healthier.


If you have any other affordable ideas for working out I would love to hear them!

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