One Decision That Can Save You Thousands on Your Wedding

It seems that wedding venues have been popping up all over the place in the past few years.

Gone are the days of simple church weddings with cake and punch afterwards.

I blame pinterest.

Only kidding. Sort of.





Venues are certainly an important part of wedding planning and often the first decision made. The venue can determine the date, the theme of your wedding, and often make or break your budget.

My tip for saving thousands on your venue is the same tip for saving thousands on your wedding overall.

Avoid venues made just for weddings.


Think about it, if a venue is made only for wedding and all of it’s revenue comes from weddings, they have to charge and arm and a leg to be able to pay their business costs.

As a logical person, I can’t blame them. But as a bride, this was very annoying and stressing.

I wanted a beautiful venue but at a super low cost!


So I started looking into non-wedding venues for my wedding venue. Counter-intuitive but it saves tons.
I researched museums, country clubs, historical sites, community centers, parks, restaurants, even vacation rentals.

The venue we decided on was a restaurant. Going with a restaurant can help you to save in many ways. The catering costs are much cheaper because it is on site. The venue costs are typically incredibly cheap because the restaurant has so many other ways to bring in revenue. The cost specifically for our banquet hall was only 100$!!



The balcony of our restaurant venue. Photo by Leanne Hope Photography


Our venue also included all the servers, set up and clean up, tables and chairs, linens, dishes and cutlery, and even centerpieces. We saved so much! Not only money but time and stress because we didn’t have to find separate venders for these things.


All in all, from my experience I found a restaurant to have the most bang for your buck as a wedding venue. But if you do not find one that suites your style or needs the other options I listed above are budget options as well. Just remember to factor in the other vendors you will need to bring in!


Let me know what budget venues you are considering or feel free to ask me a question below!

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