How to Save Money on Groceries with Pinterest

I was a sophomore in college when I first discovered Pinterest. I cannot remember how I discovered it but I was instantly hooked.

This was when you still had to request to join and I patiently waited to be able to create dozens of boards full of pretty pictures of things that I, a broke college student, could not afford.  Beautiful houses and décor, exotic travel destinations, over-the-top weddings, etc. I have said before that Pinterest is the college student’s version of playing house.





A few years later I began to discover how I could actually use Pinterest in real life! Recipes, ideas for my sorority, outfit ideas- you name it, Pinterest has it. Now I certainly still have some “dream” boards full of houses with big front porches and sites to see in European cities, but nowadays I also put Pinterest to use saving us money.


These are the ways I use Pinterest to save money on groceries.


  • The way I most frequently use Pinterest in this way is when I am making my shopping list. I try to make meals around the ingredients I have on hand or what is on sale. I will search these ingredients in my Pinterest account to find recipes using them.
    • For example, if canned tomatoes are on sale I will go into my account and search “diced tomatoes” and see what recipes come up. If there aren’t very many I will try just “tomatoes.” If it is something I do not have many recipes for, say a certain type of fish, I will just search for new recipes on Pinterest instead of through my saved pins.


  • I also try to plan meals that use up all the ingredients I buy so if I am buying a specific ingredient for one recipe and will have extra I will try to find other recipes using that same ingredient. Ideally, recipes that are somewhat different in flavor from the first. No more half empty sour cream carton going bad!


  • Pinterest is an easy way to save ideas for substituting ingredients. I have many pasta recipes that call for heavy cream but this a pricy ingredient and the recipe often doesn’t call for using the whole container. To avoid buying something I may not even use all of, I have a recipe on Pinterest for a heavy cream substitute that I use.


In my free resource library I have a printable of money saving ingredient substitutes and a list of over 200 side dish ideas!

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  • Pinterest is also a haven for ideas for making ingredients last longer. From keeping bread fresh to saving fresh herbs, there are ideas for everything.


  • Another popular thing on Pinterest that helps to save money is recipe compilations. You can find compilations of recipes with few ingredients, recipes that have cheap ingredients, meatless recipes, etc.


Have you tried using Pinterest in these ways before? Or do you have and other saving-money-on-Pinterest tips? I’d love to hear them!

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