Small Kitchen Tip: How I Instantly Added Counter Space in My Tiny Kitchen

I earned my under graduate degree at a small school in a small town in middle-of-nowhere Texas. Plainview, Texas to be exact. And the name is accurate!

small kitchen tip, adding counter space

My senior year I lived off campus and shared a two-bedroom apartment with a friend. Due to the small town, our rent- of which I only paid half- was less than five hundred dollars. Less than! How I miss those prices. And to top it off, our kitchen wasn’t too small. Sure, it was old. But it had good counter space. It was rectangular with an opening on one short end, the stove on the other short end, the sink and fridge on one long end, and the other long end was only counter space. I do miss that layout too.


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Fast forward to my first apartment with my husband. Barely any counter space. And definitely higher rent. I had been trying to make do with this for over a year when a simple solution finally dawned on me. I could give myself a new chunk of counter space by simply putting a large cutting board over one half of my stove. I very rarely use more than two burners so half our stove went practically untouched.


I quickly made a trip to Walmart and purchased a pretty hefty and large wooden cutting board to fit the space. To use this idea make sure you use a heavy enough cutting board so the uneven surface of the burners does not cause it to move when you are using the surface.

how to add counter space

Also, I do not typically use the cutting board for cutting. I simply use it to put things on. A sauce I’m working on while cooking meat in a pan, the spices I’ll be adding to a pot, measured out rice to add to a pot once the water boils, etc. I usually place things that are already prepped here and use the “real” counter top space for prepping the next thing for the recipe.


If I do use that space for cutting space I put one of my space saving plastic cutting boards over it so I do not have to wash it every night. Even though one of my small kitchen tips is to keep up with the dishes, we all know that is not always possible! I do not want to be without this extra space one night if the dishes did not get done the night before.


Well that is it! A super simple and cheap trick that some of you may have already figured out! For those of you who had not, are you going to go out and get a new cutting board? Or perhaps you already have one you could use? I would love to know who else if having an “oh duh” moment and using this tip!

Happy cooking!



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