Helping Texas Move Forward After Hurricane Harvey – Pt. 1

Nearly the entire gulf coast of Texas has been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. The national news is focused on my city and my state. All eyes are on this area and the devastation that has occurred. Currently, hundreds of money and supply raising campaigns are being held. The response from fellow Houstonians, Texans, Americans, and even people  internationally is amazing.


Helping Texas After Hurricane Harvey


If you would like to help out there are many, many options from The Red Cross, Houston Food Bank, The Texas Diaper Bank, even The Houston Humane Society. There are also fundraisers for specific classrooms in schools that were flooded or for specific types of supplies. All of these are great ways to get involved in the relief efforts.

Helping Houston after Hurricane Harvey

Downtown Houston


But that is not what I want to talk about in this post. The recovery from this storm is going to be a very, very long process. What I want to share with you is how you can help Houston and other affected areas in Texas further down the road.


The idea I want to share is focused on helping the economy and local businesses recover months from now once the news cameras have left and this disaster is not so prevalent in the public eye.


To help Texas, would you consider planning a trip here?


Helping Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Kemah, Texas

The local economy is going to be shaken and unstable for some time after this event. In the months following the immediate recovery period, consider taking a vacation to the greatest state – I had to say it at some point! 😉


Spend your kid’s spring break exploring the beaches of the gulf coast and the attractions in Houston. Take two weeks next summer to get to know the region and the many different things you probably have no idea it offers! Spend Valentine’s day weekend in Houston sampling our amazing food scene or a romantic beach weekend in a quiet small town. Come to Houston for a weekend in March to see what The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is all about, spend Easter weekend in the hometown of Selena- Corpus Christi.


Helping Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Corpus Christi, Texas


From fishing excursions, to Space Center Houston, to world class museums, this area has more than many think!


Unfortunately, I do not know yet what sites and attractions remain intact and will be reopened. I plan to continue this post as a series of posts highlighting ideas for vacations in south Texas. Stay Tuned! You can follow me on Pinterest or sign up for my newsletter  to stay updated.



Helping Texas after Hurrican Harvey

North Padre Island, Texas



Whatever way you plan to help Texas, I thank you.


Helping Texas after Hurricane Harvey


Things are dark right now but we are TEXAS STRONG and we will land on our feet- our rather, our boots.



Helping Texas after Hurricane Harvey


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