Quick, Easy, and Cheap Halloween Wreath

I love Halloween! But not the gory, horror film type of Halloween. The Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin type of Halloween.


Cheap and Easy Halloween Decor



You can keep the ax murdered chasing you type of Halloween!

My style of Halloween decorations leans towards the cute and whimsical side rather than the terror inducing side. My décor is witch themed and the creepiest parts are my apothecary jars filled with ingredients for witch’s brew- snakes, rats, and bats!


Cheap and Easy Halloween Decor



This wreath goes along with the less scary side of Halloween and is only mildly creepy with the spiders.

It is all easy and cheap though!


The wreath was found at a goodwill but can be purchased at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon on the website. A 24 inch grapevine wreath is only 7.99. The spiders and web are from the dollar store and the sign is also from Hobby Lobby.


I purchased the sign when Halloween décor was all 40% off but if you do not find it, or a similar one on sale, you could always make two trips and use two coupons!


 Easy, cheap, & Quick Halloween Wreath


Making the wreath is super simple. You will need:

1 Grapevine wreath

1 Halloween sign

1 Package of webbing

1 Package of plastic spiders

Ribbon or string

Hot glue gun


  • Start by grabbing a small piece of your webbing. You will only need a small piece and will have plenty of extra for other decorations. Stretch the webbing out pretty thin to make it look real. Then just drape it across the wreath. It should naturally stick to the grapevine twigs.


  • Next arrange your spiders around the wreath. One you have them placed as you desire, hot glue then in place.


  • Then you will want to add your sign. Mine is more like an ornament so I strung the piece of raffia I planned to use to hang the wreath through its hook then wrapped the raffia around the wreath to hang it. It just hangs at the bottom of the raffia into the middle of the wreath. Super simple!


  • If you choose to use a sign make sure it is pretty flat and light enough to easily be hot glued onto your wreath.


That’s it! A simple, easy, and cheap wreath for Halloween!


This is my first tutorial post so let me know if anything was unclear.


Happy Haunting 😉



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