25 Quick Tips for Brides!

25 Tips for Brides


Being a bride can be so overwhelming. From all the decisions to make to all the questions and expectations, it can be a lot to handle!


But your wedding day is meant to be a day focused on you and your fiancé and the life and love you are going to share. That should not be over shadowed by all the stress and planning.


Below I have summed up the most important quick tips I think brides need to know. There are both practical tips and general mindset tips- which I think are the most important ones!

If you have any additional tips or questions on anything wedding related, let me know below!


  • Focus on the big moments, not the small details
  • If it matters to you and your fiancé, plan it. If it doesn’t, forget about it.
  • Things will go wrong. It will be ok. You portably won’t even notice.
  • Eat. Eat before. Eat during.
  • Ignore other people’s opinions. Sounds harsh but it’s the easiest way. If they love you, they shouldn’t care. It y’all’s day!
  • Don’t check (I.E. worry about) the weather till two days before. It will probably change.
  • Pick three main priorities. Focus on those. I.E. Photography, food, music.
  • The invitations really are not that important. How many invitations do you remember?
  • You won’t feel different. It is sort of like your 18th birthday. The wedding doesn’t make you married. You two do.
  • Take time to work on your relationship leading up to the big day. Don’t only focus on the party.


25 Tips for Brides



  • If you really feel like you must wear heels (I recommend you don’t), keep a pair of flats nearby at the reception.
  • Practice your smile. Literally.
  • Be flexible. Life happens.
  • Be kind to all your vendors.
  • Be kind to the families!
  • Make sure everyone involved knows the plan. Think about who needs to know what details.
  • But don’t put everything on your maid of honor. Divide up tasks between other people as well.
  • Think about who you want in family photos and let them know so they do not disappear like my grandparents did!
  • Do not forget to plan transportation for all parts of the day!
  • Do not think you need to do something just because it is “tradition” or someone wants you too. Again, it is y’all’s day!
  • Before you put on your dress- go to the bathroom!
  • Before you leave for the church- go to the bathroom!
  • See if you can access your venues the day before to set things up.
  • Plan more time for everything than you think you’ll need. This goes for planning and things the day of.
  • Relax and slow down. Enjoy the planning process. Enjoy every moment of the big day. Be in the moment and don’t think about what is next and if things are going as planned.

In the end, all that matters is that you get married!

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