Seven Different and Unique Ground Beef Recipes

Seven Different and Unique Ground Beef Recipes

Keeping your grocery bill low is an essential part of keeping your overall budget low.

Ground beef and chicken breast are my go-to meats for keeping my grocery budget low but they can get a little boring after a while. This is especially true for ground beef. You can only eat spaghetti, tacos, and burgers so many times!

Overtime I have found several ground beef recipes that are anything but boring.

These are my favorite ground beef recipes and some tips I’ve learned after making them multiple times.

  • Enchilada Sloppy Joes
    • A twist on a classic. Easy and simple but still unique. You can go with traditional burger sides of fries or tater tots or go with the Mexican theme and serve with guacamole or Mexican seasoned corn.
  • Cheesy Biscuit Lasagna
    • A quick twist on lasagna without all the layering. My husband isn’t a big pasta fan and I love the flavors in lasagna, so this is a win-win! This recipe calls for Italian sausage but I have used ground beef with Italian seasoning to make it cheaper and it has turned out just as delicious!
  • Cheesy Bbq Beef Biscuit Casserole
    • Simple and delicious. I also do a version with chicken.


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  • Hamburger Steak With Onion Gravy
    • Easy comfort food and one of my husband’s favorites. I should probably add it to my upcoming menu come to think of it.
  • 30 Minute Ground Beef  Enchilada Skillet
    • All the flavor of enchiladas but half the work! No rolling involved.
  • Honey Barbecue Meatloaf
    • Says it is 4 servings. Not when my husband eats it! It is one of his favorite meals. I have also found that it needs to be cooked a little longer than the recipe suggests but that may just be my oven. Check the center when you remove it from the oven or use a meat thermometer to be safe.
  • Korean Beef
    • One of my favorites! Such a unique way to serve ground beef. I read a comment that suggested adding a spoonful of peanut butter to give it more of a thai flavor. DO THIS. It really kicks it up a notch. I serve with brown rice and broccoli.


These are the recipes I add to the menu when I find ground beef/chuck/etc. on sale. I am continuously looking for new ways to cook ground beef so there may be another post like this is the future! For tips on buying meat in bulk and freezing it to save on your grocery bill, check out this post.


If you have any favorite ways to cook ground beef I would love to hear about it! Share your recipes below! And also let me know if you will be trying out any of these recipes.



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