One Month Resolution Check-In

A month into 2018, can you believe it?!


I hardly can. For me, the past month has blown by. Last week the 25th of January came up and I realized a month had passed since Christmas. Where has the time gone?!

And now this week, with the first of February looming on the horizon, I have come to the realization that many of us have probably had.


I am failing at my resolutions. Already!


Luckily for all of us, there are 11 more months to make our dreams for 2018 happen.

But to make these dreams a reality. We have to put in the work!


How to Reach Your Goals


I am a type A person and, therefore, a goal setter and planner by nature. I typically have a laid out plan for everything I want to do. I know what I want and how I am going to make it happen.


This is typically how I approach my New Year’s resolutions as well. This year I skimped on the planning stage a bit though. The holidays were pretty busy for me, as was January, and making a plan for keeping these resolutions went to the wayside.


With the end of the month coming up I finally sat down to make a plan for how to accomplish these goals using, what I call, the “backwards goal setting” method.


How it works:

Backwards goal setting involves starting with envisioning what your end goal looks like.

Then you think about the different things involved with this goal, what pieces make up the goal?

Next you list out all the steps to take to set up all these pieces. If any of these steps have a step to take before you can accomplish them you list those next.

I will start with writing my goal at the bottom of the page and working my way up to the top with the steps so that I have a chronological list of what to do when reading from top to bottom.


For an example, let’s use the common goal of losing weight.


Firstly, goals must be SMART– Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time limited.


So let’s create the fictional goal of losing 25 pounds by 2019. At the bottom of the page I would write “Lose 25 LBS by 2019.”


Above this I would list across the page eat healthier, get more sleep, and workout. All things necessary to make this sort of life change.


Above each of these things I would write the specifics for them. For “eat healthier” I would write: “Cut out junk food.” “Eat five servings of fruit and vegetables.” “Cook homemade dinners 5 nights a week.” Above these things I would write what I need to do to make those things happen.


To cook five nights a week I would need to meal plan, possibly meal prep, and grocery shop weekly. If there were extra things I need to do to make these things happen, such as setting aside time to meal prep on the weekend, I would continue to work my way up the page listing steps.

How to Set and Keep Goals
When I am finished writing out all the things I need to do I will have a step by step guide for what to do to reach my goals.


To eat healthier to help me lose weight I need to find healthy recipes and create meal plans, meal prep some things on Sunday to help me cook during the week, shop weekly for fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.



If weight loss or spending less money are on your list of goals for 2018, meal planning is a must! Check out my free meal planning challenge HERE to help you quickly and easily meal plan!



Some of my resolutions this year include growing this blog (Thanks for reading!), reading more books, eating more fruit (I am a veggie person!), and reading the entirety of The New Testament of The Bible.


For many of my goals one of the steps I need to take is setting aside a time to work on them. This involves being intentional with my time and not wasting it on something else. AKA stop scrolling and putting down my phone. Anyone else?!


So how about you? How have you done on keeping your resolutions for the first month? Are you going to use this method to re-evaluate what you need to do to stick to those resolutions?


If you are a reader of this site, spending less money and sticking to a budget is most likely one of your ongoing goals. Check out my “How to Stay on Budget Every Month” series for help with sticking to your budget. To go with this series I have a free workbook in my resource library designed to help you lay out what you need to do to stick to your budget.


For access to this workbook and my other free money saving tools, subscribe below!

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