30 Minute Pantry Meals with Quick Roasted Chicken

Chicken is such a versatile and cheap protein.


But it cans sometimes take a while to cook with. Anyone else feel like it takes forever just to dice up chicken breast for a meal? No… Just me?



I know that precooking and shredding chicken then freezing it is a good way to have cooked chicken on hand to throw into meals to get dinner on the table quickly. But sometimes I just don’t have it together enough for that!



Sometimes I have just had a long day and want to throw something together and I don’t have any freezer meals on hand.

When that happens I know I can quickly roast a few chicken breasts and have a dinner together quickly.


Thirty minute pantry meals with quickroasted chicken make throwing togetehr dinner a breeze!


My method for roasting chicken breasts is outlined in this post here.


Essentially you season the chicken breasts however you want then roast it at a high temperature for a short time, locking in the moisture and getting it done in less than 20 minutes!

You can go simple and just season with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion. Or you can rub with a spice mixture such as Cajun or taco seasonings.



These are the ways I use this quick roasted chicken with whatever I have on hand to create easy and delicious meals in no time:


  • Sandwiches: My favorite way to use this chicken to make a sandwich is to use Cajun seasoning on the chicken then serve it on a toasted bun with Dijon mustard and cheese- preferably pepper jack. Simple and delicious.


  • Salads: The best thing about salads is that you can use whatever you have on hand! Chop us the chicken and some greens. Throw in some cheese, dried fruit, diced veggies, etc. and top with whatever dressing you may have. The possibilities are endless.


  • Pizza: Pizza is also very versatile. It can mean red sauce and cheese on dough, white sauce on flatbread, pepperoni and marinara on garlic bread, pretty much whatever you want. Chances are you have something around that can hold toppings for a makeshift pizza. I have thrown  roasted chicken, spicy garlic wing sauce, and mozzarella on a piece on Naan bread and called it pizza. Use what you have and get creative!


  • Stir fry: Now this is definitely a cheating stir fry. By “stir fry” I mean tossing roasted chicken and cooked vegetables with an Asian sauce and serving it on top of rice.


  • Pasta: Pasta is another very versatile dinner option. Pasta can be seasoned with tomato sauce, alfredo, pesto, vinaigrettes, and even just olive oil or butter and seasonings. Decide how you will season the meal with whatever you have on hand, pick a vegetable (0r a few) to throw in with it, and chop up and add in the chicken. I like to butter the noodles, add parmesan, diced tomatoes, and basil plus the chicken. Even simpler is chicken, pasta, and pesto. So good and so simple!


  • Lastly, you can just throw a sauce on it! Or next to it. Cook your chicken then brush it with barbecue sauce. Serve it with a dipping sauce on the side. Drizzle melted butter mixed with lemon juice and garlic on top.



There you have it. Six simple solutions for nights where it seems dinner is just not gonna happen.


Cooking from your pantry is an essential way to cut down your grocery budget. Checking your pantry for easy, throw together meals before calling in pizza is also an important way to not ruin your grocery budget.

I hope these meal ideas help you on you busiest nights!


I would love to hear any creative ways you have come up with a “recipe” 😉 Tell me below!






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