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Hey y’all! I’m Amanda. Welcome to Live Cheap and Travel Often.


The name pretty much sums up what this blog is all about. My husband and I have goals of living pretty cheaply and being able to travel a lot- however- we both also want to be able to do and have all the things we want in life. And I believe it is possible to do both! To live cheaply and have the life you want at the same time. I just believe that you have to work at it, keep a budget, and make strategic choices to stick to that budget.



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That being said, this is not a place that will teach you how to drive sports cars, eat at fancy restaurants every night, and live in a big house all while paying off your debt and barely working. You’ll have to try to learn how to do that elsewhere- and if you do, please come back and let me know how!

What this site IS is a place to find tips and ideas and hopefully even some inspiration for you on your living cheap journey.


A little about me:

I am a wife, Christian, counselor in training, and native Texan with a serious case of wanderlust.

I recently graduated with a masters in counseling degree and have the debt to prove it. Part of the need to live cheaply and stick to a budget!

I married my wonderful husband in June of 2015 in Galveston, Texas.

I was born and raised in Houston and love all things Texas- bluebonnets, barbecue, country music, The Texans, and Whataburger.

Everything is bigger in Texas!

If my T.V. is on (or rather, my computer is streaming) I am probably watching Fixer Upper, Law and Order: SVU, or The Pioneer Woman.

I have only been out of the country once, albeit to three other countries, on my honeymoon cruise. It is obviously a goal of mine to change this fact!

States I have been to: Texas (AKA the best state), Florida, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.

I have an obsession with lighthouses and plan to see many on my travels.

Other random things I am obsessed with include other nautical symbols (starfish, anchors, seahorses, etc), all holiday decorations, little white chapels, furry animals, candles, Peanuts holiday cartoons, and pretty stationary for my many to-do lists.

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That’s a little bit about me, look around to find out more. Let me get to know you a little with some comments on your favorite posts or feel free to shoot me an email!